Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland





Yet another great week together in Moir Cottage and yet more sunshine!! It will never be beaten"


"Wonderful holiday cottage. Had everything we needed. Downstairs bedroom and bathroom a bonus for mum"


"Delighted with Moir Cottage.  Walked miles and generally explored Dumfries and Galloway. Many thanks!"


"Wonderful holiday. Will never do B&B again.  Cottage was a fantastic surprise. Really made our holiday a very memorable one"


"This is the first night of our stay and already want to book another visit. Location is perfect and the cottage is right up my 'cosy street'. (September 2013)


Beautiful cottage, beautiful location. We've had a fabulous holiday. Thank you Portpatrick! (we'll be back). (October 2013)


Another wonderful stay at Moir Cottage! Perfect holiday cottage. Many thanks" (November 2013)


What a smashing TARDIS type cottage. Looks small from the outside, but when you get in, its space ... 'the final frontier'. Loved Portpatrick and its dramatic weather" (December 2013)


"I've found my haven!!. We've been to Portpatrick four times - but Moir Cottage is devine. I've spent hours in the top room writing and watching seals" (February 2014)



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First ever visit to the cottage and Portpatrick and it was delightful. Great weather (in November), company, food and everythng else, a lovely few days! (November 2014)


had a lovey few days. Perfect location. Great wee cottage. Recommend the Crown for food and atmosphere. Many thanks! (May 2015)


What a wonderful cottage, it's so deceiving. great time. (July 2015)






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